Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Constantia Wyn 1835"

One of my precious few dated seals. Dutch/Belgium sealed wine bottle, dark olive green glass, long straight neck with low shoulders, seal "CON, STANTIA, WYN, 1835", blowpipe pontil scar. This wine was named after Constance the wife of the Dutch Governor Simon Van der Stel (died in 1712) in South Africa, who possessed vineyards at the Cape from c. 1680 onwards.


At 11:09 am, Blogger Per & Britt said...

Not sure what was in the bottle but there is a famous (mythical) wine from South Africa called Cap Constantia - sweet.

At 12:06 am, Blogger chris said...

While walking the beach in Lewes, Delaware USA I found a piece of olive green glass with a seal reading


The glass appears hand blown and old. Any idea of origin/date? Thanks.


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